Zapier Course 2019
Stop Struggling with Business Tasks
Make Your Website a Sales Tool Again with Zapier
Save Time, Automate Sales, and Work Smarter not harder 
Harness this Simple yet Powerful Software
It's a little long, but you'll fully understand why you must use this software!
Zapier is a very powerful and magical software.  

Zapier will allow you to present personalized dynamic websites to your visitors with some integrations that you will learn in this course.

Plus I will give you my complete MagicZap software for your purchase as well just to get you off and running quickly with MagicZap with full training.

It will also let you send follow up emails, calls, SMS or chatbot messages while your visitors are on your site engaged and ready to buy. 

You have to have this tool if you want to compete. 
We're not stupid, we won't spam you or sell your data EVER!
You get MagicZap for Free In This Course & I Teach You how to use it
Create a Customized Sales Experience for Your Customers
Start getting the engagement and conversions from your website you deserve!
Create Personalized & Pre-Populated Forms
Increase your sales and conversions by removing the hassle of inputting redundant information. Magic Zap can personalize your landing page and populate the forms automatically.
Track Website Views and Traffic
Get the data and analytics that you need. Don't let sales fall through the cracks! Create a way that different platforms to communicate with each other so that you can convert your traffic. 
Trigger Zapier Automation On Specific Website Activity
Track your users as they progress through your sales funnel. Magic Zap allows your website to seamlessly communicate with other apps and softwares. Follow up with visitors while they are on your site!
Marketing that optimizes your business in the next 5 minutes.
You get my Zapier course and MagicZap training FREE with your purchase which is a $495 valued course for free just for using MagicZap.

The course content is great, which is released daily to give you the best learning from it.
Professional Zapier Training
One-Time, no set up fee.
  • Zapier Timing
  • Custom Automation Examples
  • Zapier & Google Sheets
  • ManyChat Ghost Zaps
  • HTML Coding With FallBacks
  • Using Filters In Zapier
  • Website Sales Assistance
  • Website Inetegrations
  • Shopify Integrations
  • Zapier Date & Time
  • ManyChat, Shopify, & Zapier
  • Bonus - One on One Calendly Zoom Call with Shane

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